What We Do

A relationship with Legacy enables clients to effectively outsource the management of such functions as payroll, human resources, employer benefits, and workers compensation.

We offer a variety of services which are effective in managing critical human resource responsibilities. Legacy accomplishes this goal by building and maintaining an employer relationship and by assuming certain employer responsibilities.

The benefits can include:

  • Relief from the sometimes overwhelming tasks of employment administration
  • Access to affordable workers compensation, with ZERO down-payment, and pay-as-you-go premiums
  • Every facet of payroll, payroll tax compliance, and payroll reporting done efficiently and accurately
  • Comprehensive employee benefit packages, which allow clients to be competitive in the job market
  • Garnishments, Unemployment, Workers Comp Claims and Admin, health insurance options available, dental, vision life insurance
  • Access to advanced technology functions such as but not limited to online time cards and job costing
  • Availability of Mastercard Pay Cards for employees with no bank account
  • Drug Screening and or Background Checks
  • Retirement account options